The first three chapters of Libertine Awakenings–Copyright 2014 Cat Ravenelle/iUniverse

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Dear friends,

As promised, here are the first three chapters of Libertine Awakenings. If you like it, please consider purchasing a copy. 3.99 for Kindle and at present, 20.45 on Amazon for paperback and 22.95 on Barnes and Noble books.

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NOTE: The formatting is a little off from the printed text, but the story will keep you warm at night. The book is beautiful. iUniverse did a GREAT job.

And now, my lovely friends, the story begins…

I started writing the Libertine stories on a whim. What started as part of a dharma exercise ended up becoming my awakening to my creativity, my feminism, and my sexuality. I could not have done this alone.
First, a heartfelt thank-you to my benefactor, Brian Walsh, for your emotional, financial, and literary support. Thanks go to my best friend, Nancy Marcus, who encouraged me with daily phone calls. Thanks for listening to my rants about the creative process.
To my editing team at iUniverse, especially Sarah Disbrow. You are all amazing. Thanks sent to Joe Bonadonna and C. for volunteering to read my manuscript.
A big thumbs-up to my Facebook friends for all their love and encouragement for me to follow my dharma. I wish I could list you all. Thank you for loving me through my first project.
And, of course, to my lovers, past and present … for inspiration. Meow!

lib•er•tine (lbr-tn)
1. One who acts without moral restraint; a dissolute person.
2. One who defies established religious precepts; a freethinker.
Morally unrestrained; dissolute.
[Middle English, freedman, from Latin lbertnus, from lbertus, from lber, free; see leudh- in Indo-European roots.]
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved


She screamed in ecstasy and pain as he rammed his cock into her pussy over and over. Sweat dripping off his face, he railed into her … the sound of wet skin slapping as he pounded harder against her thighs. She moaned and cried out as waves of pleasure moved over her. He slowed down and began grinding against her sex. She raised her hips in unison, and she drew him down to her, kissing him deeply, tasting his sweat. Her mouth was cold from panting. She ran her hands over his back, feeling his muscles twitching, his pelvis moving against hers. He suddenly stopped and rolled onto his back, bringing her with him. She straddled him and held his muscular shoulders down, staring at him. Her hair was wet with sweat and sticking to her face. She pulled it aside and leaned down to kiss him as she began to move back and forth on his hard member. He moaned with pleasure as she worked his cock, sliding back and forth, grinding on him. She became more and more aroused; with every thrust and movement, she felt higher, her pussy tightening. She was getting closer, and closer, and closer. Her body began to shake. Her legs and butt tightening up. Her breath catching. He held her hips and pushed deeper into her. She was about to come …


“Attention, ladies and gentlemen. We are beginning our final descent into Chicago. At this time, please raise your tray tables to the upright and locked position.”

Alexis awoke from her dream. She was sweating. She pushed off her sleep mask and adjusted to the light in the cabin. She looked at her seatmate, who had a pained expression on her face. She wondered if she had been talking in her sleep or worse.

She felt her face get hot. The woman stared at her as Alexis adjusted her seat and put her sleep mask into her bag. Alexis pulled out her compact and checked her makeup. Her eyeliner had smudged during her nap. She freshened herself, applying her lipstick and popping a piece of gum in her mouth.

Alexis extended the pack of gum to her seatmate. The woman just glared at her. She put it back in her bag and shrunk down, accepting judgment.

“Please put your purse away, ma’am,” the flight attendant said as she walked past Alexis’s seat. She nodded and pushed her bag under the seat in front of her. She chewed her gum and closed her eyes, feeling the plane descend.

Alexis ran though her list in her mind.

Text Justin, text Caroline, get my car, get to the hotel, get ready for date …

She immediately got nervous thinking about her date with Justin. They had met two months earlier at her work. After weeks of phone calls, texting, and e-mails, she was going to meet him at her hotel for the sole purpose of having sex with him.

Alexis exhaled.

This is not like me. Well, maybe it is like me.

She pondered the situation. She fell for Justin hard and fast. She craved him. He was handsome and smart.

Successful, single. She smiled. And a thousand miles away. She stopped smiling and fretted.

Alexis looked past her seatmate and out the window. She could see the outlines of the neighborhoods come into view. She strained forward, watching the ground come closer. The ground became more and more familiar. The Chicago skyline emerged, and the black and gray structures blossomed against the clear blue sky. She saw the grassy knolls of the suburbs and the expanding highways. She felt giddy.

I’m home! She had not visited her hometown in years.

The ground raced closer as the plane gradually lined up with the buildings. With a bounce and a roar, the plane touched down, straining to come to a stop. Alexis felt the jerking motion of the plane and leaned back in her seat

.“Welcome to Chicago Midway International Airport. Please keep your seat belts fastened until we come to a complete stop. It is sixty degrees, and the local time is 3:40 p.m. …” The voice trailed off.

Alexis’s heart began to pound. In just a couple of hours, she would be naked with a man she barely knew, yet she felt as if she had known him her entire life.

Alexis rolled her suitcase into the middle of the room. She quickly opened it, dumping the contents on the floor. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. The drive from the airport had been longer than she had anticipated. Now she was rushing to get ready. Her hands shaking, she dug through the pile of clothes on the floor, searching for the lingerie that they had agreed upon. Justin had insisted on black.

Corset, garter belt, black lace panties …thigh-high hose.

She tore open the package of hose and tossed the cardboard into the trash. She quickly scooped the rest of her belongings into the suitcase and zipped up the bag, shoving it in the corner.

Alexis exhaled. The moment was now here. After weeks of waiting, she would finally submit herself to the man she craved. She stopped and sat on the faded couch, looking at the new lingerie. She pulled the tags off. One of the plastic barbs remained, and Alexis started chewing it off with her teeth.

What the fuck am I doing? She spit the piece of plastic out of her mouth and pulled the remaining barb out of her corset.

“Lex, you have lost your mind,” she muttered out loud.

She dropped her towel on the floor and rubbed lotion on her skin. She had showered, removing the scent of the plane and replacing it with the fragrance of lily of the valley and magnolia. Another Justin request, as he preferred the scent. Alexis smelled the bottle. She liked it too.

So many negotiations.

She checked her phone. She had less than an hour before he arrived. Alexis wrapped the garter belt around her waist, making sure that the straps lined up on her thighs. She smiled as she noticed the tiniest black bow on the very center of the garter. She lined it up with her navel. Alexis picked up the towel and put it on the couch and sat down. She pulled on her hose and fastened the sheer black thigh-highs to the black clasps of the garter. A small wave of panic overtook her.

What am I doing? She thought about what she agreed to. She didn’t sleep around, certainly not with someone she had just met. Her sexual encounters were brief and satisfactory. Orderly, neat, predictable, just like her life. She preferred it that way.

Then she met Justin.

She bit her lip and steadied herself, placing her elbows on her thighs. She cracked her knuckles.

Will he show up? She began to sweat. She stood up and pulled up her black lace panties over the garters. Alexis zipped the black satin corset, turning it around and adjusting her breasts. She started applying her makeup and poured herself a drink to steady her nerves

.Thank you, White Hen. C’mon, Lex. Exhale. Breathe.

She rustled through her makeup bag. “You’re gorgeous. Be brave,” she whispered.

She was nervous. Alexis applied her eye makeup and stepped back to appraise herself. Her long, jet-black hair stood out against her ivory skin, complementing the black lingerie. Her voluptuous breasts spilled out of the corset. The corset hugged her hourglass figure, accentuating her hips. She slipped on her heels and looked at herself. She felt beautiful and daring. She brushed her bangs out of her hazel eyes and stared at her reflection. The eyeliner made her hooded eyes more apparent. Alexis snorted. She thought of the Asian girl from Full Metal Jacket.

“Me so horny.” She laughed at herself. She pulled her panties back, making sure that they were not stuck. She grabbed her perfume and sprayed her chest and the inside of her thighs. Alexis exhaled sharply and shook out her hands. She was ready. She pulled on her red jersey-knit dress and ran her hands down the front, smoothing any imperfections. She quickly tidied the room and sat on the couch. She checked her phone. She had a text message.

I’m in the lobby.

Her breath caught.

He’s here.

She slammed back her drink and rinsed her mouth out.

He was here.

Alexis started shaking, and her heart was pounding. She desired him. There was something about him that intrigued her. She rubbed her shoulders. They had agreed to meet for an afternoon of pleasure and perhaps a bit more. It was a one-time thing. She was stepping out of her comfort zone.

More like jumping out of an airplane.

Alexis sat on the bed. She bounced her knees up and down and rubbed her hands together. They had talked on the phone several times. Their conversations soon evolved from discussing current events and philosophy to lengthy talks of desire. They had wished and planned and dreamed, and now it was happening. She got up and hastily poured another drink.
There was a knock at the door.

Smoothing her dress one more time, she unlocked the door, opened it a crack, and peeked out.

It was Justin.

She opened it, and there he stood. He had a bottle of wine in one hand, flowers under his arm, and a small bag in his other hand. Alexis’s heart skipped a beat. He smiled and pushed his glasses up on his face with the back of his hand.

“Hello. May I come in?” Justin asked.

Alexis beamed. She felt excited yet nervous. She stepped aside, and he walked into the hotel room.

He looked around the room and set the items down on top of the dresser. He held open his arms, and she hugged him. He tightly squeezed her, and she gave out a little squeak. He released her and tilted her chin up. She held her breath.

They kissed.

Alexis felt an electric wave run through her body as his lips pressed onto hers. She reached up and touched his cheek. He smelled fresh, and his skin was soft from his aftershave. Justin pulled back and looked into her eyes. His gray eyes were piercing. Tracing his strong jaw with her fingertips, she stared at him. She had forgotten how handsome he was.

Just let go.

She took his hand and led him to the bed. She reached up and kissed him. He grasped her around the waist and pulled her close to him. Her heart was racing. She felt her body tense up and start trembling as he ran his hands down her dress, pulling up her skirt and touching her bare thigh.

She shivered.

Justin stopped and grasped her face, forcing her to look at him.

“Are you okay with this, with us …?” His voice trailed off as she pressed her fingers on his lips.

“Yes.” She didn’t want to think. She just wanted to let go and take a chance.

“Alexis, look at me.” Justin held her face. Her eyes grew wide. “Are you okay with everything we agreed upon?” he said seriously.

“Yes. Everything.” Alexis felt a tingling of arousal that she had never felt before. He was aggressive, unlike her previous lovers. Justin looked at her, and his eyes dilated.

“I know what’s best for you. Do you trust me?” He kissed her lightly on the lips. She sighed, parting her mouth as his tongue swept gently on the edge of her lips.

“Yes, I trust you,” she whispered as he kissed her décolletage.

Alexis felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. Justin took off his glasses and placed them on the nightstand.

They kissed deeply. He held her close and pulled her hair, grabbing it at the nape of her neck. She caught her breath and looked at him.

“Do you trust me?” he asked again firmly. His eyes were intense.

Alexis suddenly felt apprehensive. “Yes, with everything,” she said breathlessly.

His grip on her hair tightened, pulling her neck back, exposing her clavicle. The sensation of her hair being pulled surprised her. He kissed the top of her collarbone, lightly biting her shoulder. She felt tingly.

Releasing her hair, he ran his hands down her arms. He grabbed her breasts and kissed her. Alexis melted with his touch, feeling his hands cup and massage her breasts. She touched his hips and began to pull him back toward the bed. He stopped her. Grabbing her by the wrists with one hand, he reached up her dress and placed two fingers on the outside of her panties, touching her clit, making her shake.

Oh, my God. He knew just how to touch her.

“Take off your dress,” Justin ordered.

He released her, and Alexis took a step back. She slowly pulled the dress off over her body. She felt self-conscious and held the dress in front of her. He pulled it out of her hands and tossed it across the room.

“Stand here. I want to see you.”

Alexis took a step and stood in front of him.

“Turn for me. Let me look at you.”

She nervously turned in a circle.

Justin smiled. “You look beautiful.”

Alexis blushed. “Thank you. Do you like the lingerie?”

She hoped that he would approve. His eyes narrowed, and he eased her back on the bed, lying on top of her. He kissed her lips and looked at her, tracing his hand along the edge of the black satin corset. He slowly ran his fingers down the bodice of the corset to the garter belt. Justin tugged on the straps on her leg and ran his finger along the elastic of the lace panties, his finger brushing on her pelvis and her inner thigh. Alexis felt a chill go up her spine as she felt his finger graze against her skin.
She lay still as he examined her. Justin spread her legs and touched the tops of her thigh-high hose. He ran his hands down her legs, grazing the sheer black nylon. He grunted approvingly. He rolled her on her side and looked at the zipper on the back of the corset and pulled along the garter belt. He rolled her back and smiled, touching the little bow.

“Exactly what I wanted,” Justin said.

Alexis felt relieved that he liked it.

She smiled and reached down, pulling at his belt. He moved her hand away. Justin traced her garter on one leg, pulling at the elastic. Easing himself down her body, he kissed the top of her thigh. She touched his dark brown hair and sat up, caressing the back of his neck. He kissed the inside of her thigh. Alexis let out a little moan, feeling his warm lips on her leg.

With that, he rose up sharply and kissed her so hard that their teeth connected, smacking against each other. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her up off the bed to a standing position. He pulled down her corset with a quick yank, exposing her bare breasts. She gasped, surprised by his forcefulness.

Justin looked at her breasts approvingly. He gently held them in his hands and leaned forward to kiss them. She closed her eyes. He kissed the top of each of her breasts softly. She ran her fingers through his hair as he caressed her. He pinched her nipples with enough force that Alexis cried out and dropped to her knees from the shock of his fingers, followed by a wave of pain through her breasts. She instinctively reached up and tried to pull his hands away. Justin adjusted his pressure, and the pain moved to a sensation of pleasure that she had never felt before.

He knelt down with her and kissed her, his tongue searching her mouth. He held her jaw open as he probed her with his tongue. He led her hand to his cock. She felt the firm outline of his erection through his pants. He held her hand close so that she could feel how hard he was. Justin broke the kiss, and she opened her eyes, glancing downward.

Oh my …

Justin held her wrists and pulled her closer to the table. He reached in the bag and pulled out a thin, white nylon rope. Alexis stared at the rope, transfixed, as Justin quickly and skillfully bound her wrists tightly together, pulling the soft rope against her skin. He ran his fingers under the rope and assessed his work. Her breath shortened. She felt aroused and afraid. It was her first time being bound.

He pulled her close to him using the rope. She felt a longer piece brush against her naked breasts. He took the rope end and teased her nipples with the soft texture. She sighed. She felt defenseless with her hands tied, and she tried to pull them apart. Justin tilted her chin and held her gaze.

“Pull this extra piece, and the entire bond will come undone. Or just ask,” he whispered in her ear.

Alexis swallowed hard. She nodded. He pulled on the rope binding her wrists, extending her arms overhead. She looked at the safety cord and then into his gray eyes.

Trust him.

She stood up off the floor, and he led her to the side of the bed.

“Sit down.”

She sat obediently. He rummaged through his bag and took out an over-the-door hook. He opened the closet door and slid it over the top, shutting the door and securing it in place. He removed a simple black eye mask and a black nylon scarf. Her heart began to race at the sight of the items.

Justin came up to her and placed the blindfold on her eyes, slipping the elastic band over her head. He stepped away. Her heart racing, she heard him moving about. She heard a buzzing sound, and the door opened and shut.

Alexis sat there alone, waiting for him. Her breathing became shallow, and she pressed her lips together. She pulled against the rope on her wrists as her palms began to sweat. The room air conditioner kicked on with a rattle and a low roar, making her jump. She worried for a moment that he had left. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a keycard and the door opening. Relieved, she exhaled, her stomach in knots. Alexis heard a bin being set down on the table and the sound of clinking in a glass. She felt an ice cube tracing her lips. She flinched.

Justin traced her lips, her neck, and her nipples with the ice. The cold sensation made her more aware of her body. He stood up and unhooked his belt, unzipping his pants. He pulled out his erect member and rubbed it against her cool lips. Alexis took a breath and opened. She gladly welcomed his cock and sucked it enthusiastically.

She felt excited. She imagined what his cock looked like as she felt it move back and forth through her lips. She focused on his salty taste and how smooth his skin felt, tracing her tongue on the head as she teased him. Alexis heard Justin breathing hard, exhaling audibly through his nose.

“That’s a good girl. Relax your jaw more,” he encouraged her.

She followed his direction and he moaned in approval. He grabbed the back of her head and moved her head back and forth. She relaxed her throat, tasting his pre-cum and his sweat. He grunted.

“Don’t stop,” Justin whispered as he held her head, thrusting his cock into her mouth. He reached down and grabbed her tied hands, placing them on his balls. Alexis massaged them with her fingers. He pulled her hands up to his cock and moved them back and forth. She complied, grasping his erection with her hands. He ran his hand through her hair. His thrusting became more rapid. She jerked him off as she sucked his cock. He arched his back and grabbed her hair on the side of her head.

“I’m going to come,” he warned her. Alexis braced herself to accept his load.

She felt him jerk in her mouth, and he pulled out, shooting his cum all over her chest and neck. She felt the warm fluid drip down, pooling on the top of her left breast. Her mouth was tired and sore from the thrusting, and her lips vibrated. Alexis felt excited and a bit dirty. She pulled on her bonds as the ejaculate started to cool. The situation felt a bit surreal to her.
She heard him move around the room, and then she felt a towel, warm and wet, on her neck and chest. He wiped out her mouth.


“Yes.” Alexis felt a little exhilarated.

He moved behind her and kissed the top of her head, rubbing her shoulders. She leaned back as he caressed her. Justin placed two fingers in her mouth, forcing her jaw to open.

“Keep it open,” he whispered, and he placed the knot of the scarf in her mouth and pulled the scarf tight, gagging her. Her head pulled back with the force, and she whimpered. He got off the bed.

Alexis sat on the edge of the bed. Her heart was beating quickly. She tensed up, unsure what was going to happen next. She assessed herself. She was blindfolded and gagged, her hands tied tightly in front of her. She felt a small chill from the air conditioner, blowing against her damp skin. Her nipples grew hard from the cold, as her breasts were exposed over the corset top. She waited and focused on her breath to calm herself down.

Trust him.

She felt his presence in front of her. She took a sharp breath as he pulled her to a standing position, her legs trembling in anticipation.
She bit down on the knot, noticing a sweet taste and smell, like fabric softener. Alexis stood still. She felt Justin breathing on her neck, smelling her, and lightly touching her shoulders. She felt the hairs stand up on her arms as he lightly touched her skin. She held her wrists in front of her as if in prayer.

Justin grasped the rope and held her close to him. Her panties were moist with her arousal. He touched the outside of the damp fabric and made a noise of approval. He pulled them aside and felt her wetness. She felt sexually alive as she quivered, feeling his fingers grazing her labia. He removed his fingers and let the elastic snap back, biting her skin, making her jump.
She felt him move away from her. She opened her eyes, brushing her eyelashes against the blindfold. She stared into the darkness and listened for him. She thought she heard him taking off his clothes.

Alexis’s mind wandered as she imagined what he looked like naked. Justin was muscular and strong, sturdy like a farmhand with big shoulders and broad, muscular legs. She admired his shoulders when she had touched him through his dress shirt. She licked the knot of her gag. She felt aroused in a way that was new to her. She waited. The wetness of her panties was beginning to feel cool against her thighs. She moved her wrists. They were starting to ache from being restrained. Alexis sensed him near her and felt his breath, heavy and pulsating on her cheek.

“Do you still trust me?”

She nodded.

He reached around her and pinched her nipples just hard enough to make her moan and lean back against him. She heard him whisper in her ear.

“Submit,” Justin said.

He pinched her harder, making her moan louder, and her knees buckled. Her breath caught. She nodded and gave a muffled yes through her gag. He unzipped her corset, setting her breasts free. He walked in front of her and pulled her wet panties off. Alexis stepped out of them. Justin grunted and led her over to the closet door.

She held her breath. She felt the coolness of the door against her naked back. Justin stood in front her, leaning his chest close enough for her to touch him. She felt his chest hairs rub against her fingers. He smelled musky as he leaned over her, adjusting something near the top of the closet door.

“Put your arms over your head,” he ordered. Alexis raised her arms. Justin leaned closer against her. She felt his hard cock bump against her stomach. A rush of desire ran through her. She felt him wrap something through her wrists and give a tug. Alexis realized that he had secured her arms over her head, attaching them to the door hook.

She started to panic. She pulled on the restraint. It had some slack. She felt a bit relieved.

Calm down. Alexis strained against the door and balanced on her toes. He slipped her heels back on to ease the stress of the height.

“Good girl.” He moved away from her.

Alexis thought she heard the familiar click of a camera.

No, no, he wouldn’t. She dismissed the thought from her mind.

Alexis heard a bottle snap and felt the coolness of baby oil being lightly dribbled on her breasts. She arched her back at the sensation of Justin massaging her and lubricating her skin. She exhaled, feeling him rub her breasts in a circle.

“That’s pretty,” Justin said as he rubbed her oily breasts.

She felt slightly self-conscious by his comment.

He pressed against her, sliding against her lubricated skin, rubbing his erect cock in between her thighs. She bit down on the knot. She wanted him inside of her. Justin teased her, placing the tip on the outside of her sex, rubbing around her slick opening.

“Do you want this?”

Alexis nodded. She really wanted to fuck him. Her mind wandered as she imagined him penetrating her.

“Submit,” he whispered. He spread her thighs apart with his legs.

The shock of his fingers awoke Alexis from her trance. One finger, then two, and then three. Her back arched against the pressure. He thrust her quickly, fingering her as deep as he could go. She let out a muffled moan. She squirmed, unable to move her hands. She whimpered as he removed his fingers and rubbed them against her clit. He rubbed her from front to back, side to side, and then penetrated her pussy, turning his hand, grinding his fingers deep inside her sex.

Her mind reeled. Justin seemed to know exactly how to arouse her. Alexis couldn’t believe what she was experiencing. The thrill of being bound and gagged elevated her arousal. She struggled against the sensation as he held her against the door, intent on bringing her to climax. The more she submitted to him, the more aroused she became.

This is crazy …She moaned in pleasure. This is so good.

Justin focused his intensity, rubbing her clit from side to side violently. Her back arched, and she squirmed and moaned. She was close to coming. He slowed down, and she relaxed, pressing her lower back against the wooden door. Rhythmically, he stroked her, and her clit became more engorged. Then suddenly, he stopped.

Alexis moaned and panted. She was so close. She waited, her legs shaking. She heard the popping of another bottle, and then, he faced her toward the door. She felt him rub cold lube on her anus with his thumb. She writhed in the pleasure and gasped as he thrust his thumb inside of her. “Virgin?” he asked.

She nodded and arched her back. She heard a buzzing noise and held her breath. She squinted and braced herself.

“Breathe out,” he commanded, and with that, she felt the gentle thrust of a dildo inside her ass.

Her eyes popped open by the foreign sensation. She felt the plastic wand buzzing and thrusting inside her anus. Her legs stiffened as she leaned her breasts against the door, submitting to his exploration. The sensation aroused her as she balanced between pleasure and pain. Alexis pulled on her restraints, unsure how to react to the buzzing and pressure inside her ass.

“Relax,” Justin advised.

She stopped struggling and let him play with her. As she submitted to his desires, Alexis was engulfed in pleasure. Her nipples became erect, and she responded to each plunge of the dildo with a light moan. He manipulated the dildo with precision. She writhed as the pain and the increasing pleasure mixed together. Justin resumed rubbing her clit, holding the dildo in place and turning up the vibration.

Alexis pressed her head against the door, biting down on the gag. She was so close to coming. He rubbed and flicked her clit, jamming the dildo inside of her. One, two … with each flick, she cried out and pulled against the hook. She started to hyperventilate and moan, her back arching, her sounds of pleasure muffled by the gag. She thought she was going to lose her mind. She was on the edge. Her legs started shaking uncontrollably, and she pulled against the rope as hard as she could.
He gave the dildo one last thrust and removed it. Alexis exhaled, relieved that it was gone. Her anus throbbed. Turning her back around, he spread her swollen pink lips and teased her, thrusting his fingers inside her wetness.

Alexis started making begging noises. She was desperate to come. He flicked her clit again. She jumped. He thrust his fingers inside of her wet pussy and flicked her again, twice. She moved her pelvis against his fingers. He squeezed his thumb up her tight ass and rubbed her clit with his other hand.

“I’m coming! Oh God!” Her words were muffled, and she bit down on the knot.

Justin maintained his focus and pushed her over the edge.

She felt herself arch up.

“Oh … my … God!” Alexis screamed as she climaxed. She pulled on her restraints, pressing down on his hand as she came. She felt the rope tighten on her wrists as she bent forward with the intensity of the orgasm. Her body shook violently.

She felt herself clench down on his fingers as her wetness engulfed his hand. Her body continued trembling from the orgasm as she leaned back on the door, her legs shaking as she struggled to keep her balance. Her wrists ached and throbbed, as the rope had tightened.

Alexis caught her breath. She had never had an orgasm that intense before.

Justin pulled out his hand and untied Alexis from the door hook. She fell onto him, exhausted from the climax. He led her to the bed and sat her down, taking off her shoes and untying her hands. Alexis rolled onto her side and chewed on the gag. She heard water running. Curled into a fetal position, she waited for him to return. Alexis felt him standing over her. She heard a bottle open and close.

Justin pushed her legs apart. He rubbed the tip of his penis against her. Alexis squirmed, and he laughed.

“You want my cock. Do you deserve my cock?”

She felt weird. She wasn’t sure if the game was changing. She nodded.

“Submissive.” He grabbed Alexis’s wrists and held them over her head.

She cried out as his rigid cock penetrated her.

Her mind spun in circles. She couldn’t see him, but she felt as if his penis was enormous. He thrust into her, and she moaned and grunted with every thrust. Alexis focused on relaxing her pelvis, as she felt certain he was going to tear her. He slowed down. Her anxiety moved to feeling the pleasure of his cock stroking her.

“Is that better?” he asked as he slowly slid in and out of her wet sex.

Alexis nodded. She moved her hips in unison. Justin picked up the tempo.

“More?” He didn’t give her a chance to answer. He fucked her, holding her arms firmly against the bed. He started groaning and panting as he slammed against her thighs.
She moaned in pleasure as Justin grabbed her hips and railed into her. She held her breath as his intensity increased. She tried to disassociate from the pain of his cock hitting her cervix. She focused on the pleasure of his large member penetrating her instead.
Justin stopped and pulled out. She was breathing hard. She felt her entire body tingle. He stroked her cheek.
“Good girl.”

He tugged at her gag, releasing her mouth, and he kissed her. She sighed. Justin pulled on her hips and spread her legs apart. He licked her pussy.

“Justin … that feels so good,” Alexis whispered.

His tongue licked her clit, and then up her stomach, to her chest, to her neck, and finally her lips. He kissed her deeply.
“You taste amazing,” Justin said.

He fingered her and placed his fingers in her mouth, letting her taste herself. Alexis shivered. She never had a lover be so bold.

He let the wet gag sit on her throat. He dropped back down and buried his face in her sex. She cried out, slightly surprised by the sound of her own voice. She moaned louder, reaching down and grabbing him by the shoulders. She cringed as Justin sucked her clit, making her shake. He thrust his fingers inside of her and spread her open.

“Justin. Oh God. Justin!” Alexis panted.

She was close to climax. She ground her teeth as she teetered on the edge of coming. She felt his tongue probing her. Alexis melted into the sensations as he pushed her legs farther apart. He spread her lips and zeroed in on her clit. Her body convulsed.

“Justin! I’m coming, oh God, oh God, oh God!” Alexis cried out as she arched her back.

He held her legs apart as he brought her to climax. He let go of her, and Alexis’s legs shook uncontrollably upon Justin’s release. She lay on the bed, attempting to catch her breath. He pushed the blindfold off Alexis’s eyes.

Her eyes adjusted to the light. She could finally see him.


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