Review of Libertine Awakenings from Bella Swann, erotic author as posted on Amazon

So excited! Here is an amazing review of Libertine Awakenings by an amazing WRITER! BELLA SWANN!!

This is an extremely well-written, emotional, and erotic story that traces the awakenings of Alexis Downing as she begins to learn about her submissive nature and experiment with BDSM. She has a one-night stand with Justin, a wealthy scientist, that develops into something much more as they fall in love and he brings her more fully into the swinger BDSM lifestyle. In order to recreate herself into the person she wants to be, Alexis goes on a journey through her past to discover the secrets and mysteries including her mother’s suicide that shaped her personal identity. She also makes a determined effort in her present to push past her boundaries in order to discover whether she wants to live a life of limits. There is also an interesting subplot regarding one of her students Sage and her obsessive fixation on Alexis and determination to make Alexis pay for not wanting a relationship with her. This erotic novel has explicit descriptions of sex that is at times sensual and also more raw so it is definitely for those who will not be offended by BDSM or swinging. The characters in the story are fully fleshed out with intriguing back stories and complex motivations for their actions. Some, like Sage, are intriguing even though they are manipulative and psychologically disturbing. The story ends with some threads still left open so there will clearly be a further book in the works to carry the story forward as Alexis’s psychosexual odyssey continues.

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